7 Feb, 2019

A spectacular view

Check out this visual update from one of our recent projects in Maudsland. It’s looking much lusher now that the lawn has had time to grow in, and the landscaping has been done. Looking forward ...

3 Oct, 2018

A view of the Treetops.

In addition to providing stunning views over the treetops, floor to ceiling windows make this room feel open and spacious by reducing the barrier between inside and out.

3 Oct, 2018

A Shower and Vanity for two.

This bathroom from our latest Maudsland project made a bold statement through contrasting shades of natural stone-look tiles and featured a double vanity, double shower and amazing acoustics - perfe ...

3 Oct, 2018

How about a feature wall in your bathroom?

A feature wall is a great way to add an element of contrasting colour or texture to any room - even your bathroom!

3 Oct, 2018

A better butler’s pantry?

One of our latest projects at Maudsland features a galley style butler’s kitchen and pantry. This provides an extensive workspace and storage solution - as well as housing the integrated Micro ...

3 Oct, 2018

Get creative with your kitchen...

Splashbacks are a fantastic opportunity to add colour and texture to your kitchen; But have you considered adding splashback tiles to your island counter? Not only does it add a dash of colour and t ...

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