“I have been doing business with Peter Downham for a period of almost 20 years. During that time I have always found Peter to be very fair, honest and easy to work with... If I was going to build a house, he would be the first Builder I would speak with.”


“We had our defect inspections yesterday with excellent feedback from all lots which shows you, Craig and the team have done a brilliant job which we do appreciate.”


“Peter worked on the Canungra Hotel at Canungra, where my wife and I were part owners and the managers, carrying out extensive renovations to the hotel for over six months. We found the quality of Peters work excellent and far superior to the other projects we have undertaken in the past with different tradesmen. His work was done speedily and with a high degree of cleanliness, which was imperative in our situation. Also, thanks to Peter's workmanship we received the industries prestigious award from the Qld Hotels Association for the Best Redeveloped Hotel in Queensland. Peter is an excellent tradesman and was a great asset in helping us achieve part of our goals for the hotel.”


“Peter has always shown excellent organisational, co-ordination and communication skills. His ability to deliver projects on time and on budget is a credit to him, and his liaison with clients has always been exemplary.”


“Peter and his team have built two homes on the Gold Coast for me over the last 10 years and using any other words other than EXTREMELY HAPPY would be an understatement. We moved to Mackay 4 years ago and decided last year to build another home. We went with a project builder (someone we had a connection with) and whilst we had no major problems and are happy with the home we have had built for us, what I can say is that this was a TOTALLY different experience. Building with the project builder’s team was a lot more strict and rigid with not a lot of flexibility.
When you hear the lower prices advertised and on billboards it is easy to get swept away in the thought of a cheaper build, but that is not always the case and when you get the bill for every little detail change it can become very stressful and hits pretty hard in the pocket.
Building with Peter and his team was an extremely professional experience and all costing was set out right from the start with little to no surprises. All I can say is that from my own experiences in building homes I could not recommend highly enough the private builder experience – it’s a more personal, flexible and less stressful way to go. Peter and his team are all A class delivering a beautifully finished home with every detail covered. Thanks again Peter for our wonderful homes you have built for us.”


“The whole crew at iLiv made our custom build a wonderful and professional experience from our very first meeting all the way up to our handover. We couldn’t be happier and would definitely use them again.”


“As I look back on the past 12 months of building and settling into my new home I want to pass on my thanks to all the staff from iLiv for the effort they contributed in bringing this project to such a pleasing outcome. By way of saying my thanks I wanted you to see the final result from the outside which has received many complimentary comments from neighbours and friends.
I have made one warranty claim for repair of one ceiling fan where the blade is showing a crack along one edge but otherwise I am very satisfied with the quality of construction and the friendly and helpful service that you all provided. Even the addition to the patio kitchen on the existing building has been completed and has proved to be a valued addition to the extended family.
I was especially appreciative of Rachel’s helpful advice when I needed guidance in choosing fittings and colours. Thank you Rachel. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous year in 2019.”